The Taipan Incubation Platform

The ASEAN region is a unique melting point of cultural and economic diversity in Asia. China and India with their tiger economies have traditionally been in focus with investors and entrepreneurs alike, but ASEAN with combined GDP of almost USD 2.5 trillion is fast gaining ground. As a standalone country, it would rank as the 7th largest economy in the world with home to more than 600 million people. However, while the opportunity remains attractive, the region has its fair share of challenges for prospective suitors – ASEAN is not a monolithic market but instead consists of diverse cultures, religions, local preferences and economic disparity. For Asia to produce more unicorns, ASEAN entrepreneurs will have to look beyond their national boundaries and create products and services - which transcend consumer needs across this diverse region.

We bridge the gap between business ideas and successful execution. We focus on disruptive and innovative start-ups, and help entrepreneurs across Asia scale their businesses ideas by accelerating the execution phase and leveraging on our strong network ofindustry experts, advisors and investors. We are sector agnostic. To download our Business Incubation brochure.

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We believe that the best startup innovation ecosystems don't occur by chance – they are created by bringing together knowledge (access to learning), collaboration (catalyst platforms for communication, critical and diverse thinking, experience sharing and new resources) and realising synergies (with potential customers, investors and validators for commercialisation). We provide aspiring and high potential startups the access to these three key elements to catalyse research & development, collaboration, rapid market validation and capital access in short cycle times.

  • We assist startups with cross-border relationships across the ASEAN region thereby allowing them to reach beyond the borders of their home country and achieve maximum market penetration and growth. We have partners in major Asian markets like China, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and India, as well as proprietary presence in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.
  • We understand regional deal-flow - by leveraging on Taipan’s proprietary M&A research platform, Taipan provides companies and investors with macro and micro-economic insights to make the right calls across investments, product and expansion strategy.
  • Access to mentorship and partnership platforms, to achieve scale and fill in key gaps across skill sets and expertise that cannot be achieved with the company's own limited resources.
  • Picking the right opportunity, syndicating capital from a pool of investors and bridging the gap between early investors and companies.
  • Global talent network - by leveraging on Taipan’s proprietary talent solutions platform, companies and investors gain access to an extensive global database and network of technology experts and professional managers from tech talent hotbeds in the world.

Investment Partnerships

We work with our global network of co-investment partners and experienced entrepreneurs who work with us to mentor our portfolio companies. Our success mantra is taking an active role in the execution strategy for each of our portfolio companies and create an efficient ecosystem for them to meet all their capital and business development needs.

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